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Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support Kit

best quality shirt collar support set and quality collar stays to give stiff collar look and make shirt collar stand up

$19.95 now $12.95

Complete System Includes the Original Slick Collar and Slick Collar Slim, both with removable silicone grips, + 4 Premium Quality Collar Stays


The Complete Shirt Collar Solution

Slick Collar for Dress Shirt Collars

Slick Collar Slim for Polo and Thinner Collars

Collar Stays for a Crisp Collar Look

Now with Removable Silicone Grips

comfortable shirt collar natural grip for perfect shirt collar style

Your Shirt Collar Support and Collar Stay Solution

New Slick Collar Kit with Removable Silicone Grips

best quality shirt collar support and quality collar stays to give stiff collar look and make shirt collar stand up

$19.95 now $12.95

Complete Kit Includes the Original Slick Collar and Slick Collar Slim, both with Removable Silicone Grips, + 4 Premium Quality Collar Stays


Slick Collar Bundle Without Silicone Grips

best shirt collar support set and quality collar stays for men and women dress shirts

$19.95 now $12.95

Complete System Includes the Original Slick Collar, Slick Collar Slim, and 4 Premium Quality Collar Stays

Available on Amazon

Original Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support

Original Shirt Collar Support and Placket Stay for Men and Women Dress Shirts

$15.95 now $10.95

Get the Original Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support Adjustable to Fit All Neck Sizes for Crisp Shirt Collar Look

Available on Amazon

The Problem

Shirt collars often lose their shape, fold, curl and look plain old sloppy.

Your sloppy collar makes you and your entire outfit look sloppy, messy and unattractive.

is the Solution!

Slick Collar Best Shirt Hack for Stiff Collar & Placket Stay


Sloppy Collapsed Collar

Droopy and Saggy Shirt Collar and Folded Plackets, Instantly Fix with Slick Collar


Solution to Fix Sloppy Shirt Collar with Slick Collar


Perfect Shirt Collar Look

Stiff Collar Stay and Placket with Slick Collar

Slick Collar is a must when wearing a suit, sport coat, or blazer

Shirt Collar Folding and Losing Its Shape Wearing Suits Sport Coats or Blazers

Shirt collars often collapse under the weight of a suit jacket, sport coat or a blazer. This leads to an undesirable and unprofessional look, especially in formalwear settings

Slick Collar instantly fixes the sloppy shirt collar by getting your collar to stand up straight, giving you a lasting stiff collar, even when wearing heavy garment

Prevent Shirt Collar Folding and Losing Its Shape with Slick Collar

Slick Collar is designed for both men and women dress shirts

Slick Collar is fully adjustable shirt collar support for men dress shirts and polo shirts

You can easily wear the Slick Collar as your fully adjustable, ergonomically designed, and comfortable-to-use shirt collar support with any of your favorite shirts for crisp stiff shirt collar look

Slick Collar is adjustable to fit all women shirt collar sizes for a comfortable crisp collar look

No sewing or alterations required, just wear your favorite shirt with Slick Collar

Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support Instructions for Perfect Collar Look

Simply adjust the size to fit your collar size by attaching the two pieces, flip your collar up, place it on, flip your collar back down, and you’re done!

Slick Collar is the best shirt collar support solution available

This ergonomically designed size adjustable shirt collar support is easy to use and takes only seconds to give you the perfect shirt collar

Complete System

The Slick Collar set is everything you need for that crisp stiff collar look. It comes with the original Slick Collar, Slick Collar Slim, and two pairs of Collar Stays.

Best Value Shirt Collar Support Bundle Set for Perfect Shirt Collar Look

Our Customers Love the Slick Collar

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Everyone needs one in their wardrobe collection
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Pretty much wearing it every time I wear collar shirts
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It fits in any collared shirt/polo and you can’t even feel it
Kian M.
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I wish I had found it sooner
slick collar
Perfect! Now I can wear my “hate the collar” pile shirts!
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Should have bought this years ago
Andy T.
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Just what I needed
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Amazon Customer
Fix Shirt Collar Folding with Slick Collar Original Collar Support for Stiff Collar & Placket

The Original Slick Collar is adjustable to fit all neck sizes and dress shirt types, making it perfect for all point collars.


Fix Polo Shirts and Women Shirts and Blouse Collar and Plackets with Slick Collar Slim

The Slick Collar Slim is the lower profile version of the Slick Collar, specifically designed for modern lower profile shirts, polo shirts, and women’s shirts and blouses.


You can slightly bend and shape the Slick Collar to control collar spread, and the tips can be trimmed to the perfect length so they don’t stick out of wider opening collars such as collars found on spread collar shirts

Slick Collar Shirt Collar Stays Adjustable Trim
Slick Stay Quality Shirt Collar Stays to Keep Collar from Folding

Quality Collar Stays are also a must for every collar that is equipped with collar stay pockets. The Slick Collar bundle set comes with 4 premium plastic collar stays to give the edges of your collar that straight collar look. If you ever wondered how to keep collars from curling after laundry, be sure to first iron your shirt collars, followed by inserting the collar stays into the collar pockets to keep that crisp collar look.


Slick Collar by LuxeAvant – Meet the Team

Team Behind Slick Collar

We are 4 professionals based in Vancouver, Canada who really care about helping you look your best. As we’ve found the huge effect shirt collars have on anyone’s overall look, we decided to start there. We put our innovator caps on while relying on the years of design and manufacturing experience we each brought to the table. And after a lot of research and design, and endless experiments, we came up with a truly unique and best in its class shirt collar support solution: the Slick Collar. Since launching, we haven’t stopped working on improving its design, look, feel, and functionality. You can see this effort in the quality and reliability of Slick Collars you purchase to keep your shirt collars to stand up straight and look sharp all day!

Connect with us and Learn More

Why your Collar is So Important

Original Shirt Collar Support and Shirt Collar Stays fix your Shirt Collar for Perfect Shirt Collar Look

Studies show that we subconsciously assign positive or negative traits and attributes to people by a simple glance at their face.  Therefore, a visually pleasing face often leads to being associated to possessing positive and attractive traits.

The main purpose of the modern “turn down” collar is to complement and enhance the face.

An effective way to enhance the look and shape of our face is through wearing the right shirt collar that complements your face.

The shirt collar is the most noticeable part of your clothing as it sits directly below the face; and a properly shaped straight collar will work to accentuate your facial strengths, while downplaying any facial asymmetry.

A properly shaped crisp shirt collar frames the face by providing attractive symmetry and balance to the face.  This polished look is subconsciously associated with possessing positive traits such as a high degree of competence, leadership ability and trustworthiness.

Conversely, a sloppy shirt collar can make you look unprofessional, lazy, and incompetent.

The Slick Collar is the best and most innovative solution

The age old sloppy collar problem has led to several inventions such as the addition of buttons to the collar tips in order to fasten the front of the collar to the shirt and keep it from folding.  This is the “Oxford Shirt” look that doesn’t always work, in addition to making the shirt less formal as Oxford Shirts are on the casual end of the dress shirt scale.

Some have resort to Magnetic Collar Stays that perform a similar function as the Oxford Shirt buttoned collar.  However, these magnets often come loose and fall off, and do absolutely nothing for keeping the back of the shirt collar stiff.  The use of adhesive collar tabs are also sometimes used to anchor the collar tips down.  These sticky collar tabs often fall off and can get expensive since they have a very limited lifespan.  Ultimately, although collar stays are a must to prevent the collar curl, even the best collar stays on planet earth will not be able to give you the perfect shirt collar look since they don’t provide any support for the other 98% of your collar that wraps around your entire neck.

A less popular method of attempting to resolve this issue is through the use of sewn in shirt placket supports to keep your collar front standing straight.  This expensive alteration method involves the modification of your shirt by opening the shirt placket stitching and inserting pieces of plastic into the upper placket area where they are permanently sewn into the plackets to give them rigidity.  This will give your shirt plackets an unnatural stiff and rigid look, and does not actually provide any support to the collar’s tips or back area that are prone to curling and folding.  The plastic can also deform if put through the washer and dryer, leaving the shirt deformed and unusable.

Best collar support and collar stay with Slick Collar

Save yourself a whole lot of time and money, and get yourself the Slick Collar!

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