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Slick Collar is a complete shirt collar support system to give you the perfect collar look

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Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support Kit

best quality shirt collar support set and quality collar stays to give stiff collar look and make shirt collar stand up

$19.95 now $12.95

Complete System Includes the Original Slick Collar and Slick Collar Slim, both with removable silicone grips, + 4 Premium Quality Collar Stays


The Complete Shirt Collar Solution

Slick Collar for Dress Shirt Collars

Slick Collar Slim for Polo and Thinner Collars

Collar Stays for a Crisp Collar Look

Now with Removable Silicone Grips

comfortable shirt collar natural grip for perfect shirt collar style

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The Problem

Shirt collars often lose their shape, fold, curl and look plain old sloppy.

Your sloppy collar makes you and your entire outfit look sloppy, messy and unattractive.

is the Solution!

Slick Collar Best Shirt Hack for Stiff Collar & Placket Stay


Sloppy Collapsed Collar

Droopy and Saggy Shirt Collar and Folded Plackets, Instantly Fix with Slick Collar


Solution to Fix Sloppy Shirt Collar with Slick Collar


Perfect Shirt Collar Look