How to use the Slick Collar to Fix your Shirt Collar

Imagine dressing up for a night out after work. You spend some picking out the right shirt to complete your look, only to find out that you don’t like how your shirt collar keeps losing its shape and completely ruins your overall look.

How straight and crisp shirt collar looks makes a huge difference in anyone’s overall look. This is why we’ve seen constant changes and improvements to shirt collars over the past century. This has also led to the creation of many dress shirt collar styles: Straight Collar, Spread Collar, Semi-Spread Collar, Cut-Away Collar, Club (Polo) Collar etc.

We have put this video together explaining the benefits of Slick Collar and how it can improve your shirt collar look, no matter what type of shirt you wear, especially when worn with collar stays. We share tips and tricks on how to use the Slick Collar to get your dress shirt and polo shirt collars to stay up, giving you the perfect collar look that lasts all day. With fashion trends constantly changing, having an adjustable shirt collar support solution can go a long way.

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Complete Shirt Collar Support Solution for the Perfect Shirt Collar

Slick Collar is designed as a universal solution for all shirt collar shapes and sizes. Its adjustability combined with its light weight and flexible design makes for a simple solution for getting rid of collapsing and sloppy shirt collars. There is no need for expensive alterations; it can simply be adjusted to the neck and shirt collar size and worn right underneath the shirt collar.

The Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support now comes in a Bundle Pack that contains two Slick Collar devices and two pairs of premium Collar Stays. The Slick Collars are adjustable to fit all shirt collar sizes and shirt collar styles, and one of them is a slimmer version that is perfect for thinner profile collars, polo shirts, and women’s shirts and blouses.

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