Shirt collars often fold and curl out of shape, making your shirt look sloppy and messy

So how do you get the perfect shirt collar look?

Let’s go through an overview of the problem first.

Most shirts cost between $50 – $300 and more, but do you always get what you’ve paid for? There are many factors that go into what qualifies as a high quality shirt. Here we’re going to focus on shirt collars in particular and how you can easily fix their look.

We’ve come across expensive brand shirts with varying collar shapes, sizes and styles with the same sloppy shirt collar problem. We’ve discovered that regardless of the shirt collar style, if the placket is not stiff or the fabric and stitching used on the shirt collar does not provide a sturdy structure, then the shirt collar can easily lose its shape. This is why dress shirts in particular have place for collar stays that insert into the tip of the shirt collar to help keep them straight. However, even with stiff placket and collar stays shirt collars fold and collapse, especially when worn under heavy garment.

Shirt Collar folding without Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support

Shirt collars must be able to maintain their shape

That’s why they are reinforced with more layers of fabric and often padded with additional and more rigid fabric sewn into the collar itself. However, they often completely collapse under the weight of the jacket, sometimes with one side folded and the other standing up. Polo or Golf shirt collars are even worse due to their softer material.

New collared shirts often come with stiff collars, but…

New collared shirts often come with stiff collars that are crisp and rigid; however, after a number of washes and wears, the material that keep the collar stiff begin to soften, causing the shirt collar to lose its shape. This leads to shirt collars curling and folding.

Shirt plackets are also partly responsible for keeping the shirt collar from sagging and folding since plackets are also reinforced to maintain their rigidity. However, shirt plackets also lose their structural integrity over time, no matter how good the fabric’s quality is.

Shirt Collar Folding

It is possible to reinforce shirt plackets using plastic inserts that are sewn into the plackets; however, these plastic inserts often bend out of shape and become warped after going through one or several washer-dryer cycles. The warped plastic insert is now stuck in the shirt placket, making the shirt look even worse than before. The additional cost and hassle of having to cut open the plackets and sew them back up also make this an unattractive and expensive option.

So how do you solve the shirt collar folding problem? What’s an easy shirt hack to having a perfect looking shirt collar?

How to Instantly Get Your Shirt Collar to Stand Up and Look Perfect All Day

Best way to get your shirt collar to stand up and look crisp is by using two products:

Collar Stays and the Slick Collar shirt collar support.

You typically need both products to get your shirt collar to stand up and look crisp all day.

Collar Stays

Collar Stays are those little plastic or metal inserts that slide into the tiny pockets located on the inside front parts of your shirt collar. These little pockets are called Collar Stay Pouches. Collar stays inserted into the collar stay pouch, help keep the tips of your collar straight, preventing them from curling.

Slick Stay Quality Shirt Collar Stays to Keep Collar from Folding

Collar Stays come in various materials such as plastic, metal, bone, and other rigid materials. Polished stainless steel collar stays are durable and last a long time. Some metal collar stays come with magnets which are generally called Magnetic Collar Stays. The magnets that come with these magnetic collar stays are attached to the tips of the collar stays, from the inside of the shirt. Although these magnetic collar stays can hold some collar stays in place, they are also very easy to lose and often fall off with some body movement. They also do not provide the required support for the rest of the shirt collar, especially the back part which is most susceptible to folding under a suit jacket or sport coat.

Slick Collar

The Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support device makes your entire shirt collar stand up straight, while preventing the collar from getting tucked or fold under the weight of your jacket. Learn more about tips and tricks of using the Slick Collar here to maintain a crisp shirt collar look.

The Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support device is adjustable in size that fit all men and women’s shirt collar types and sizes. The shirt collar and plackets are completely supported preventing the droopy, saggy, curled shirt collar. The Slick Collar keeps your shirt collar straight when unbuttoned or when under heavy garments such as jackets and coats, for a crisp professional perfect looking shirt collar that lasts all day.

Slick Collar Original Adjustable Shirt Collar Support and Slick Collar Slim

The Slick Collar is made from hypoallergenic food-grade material that is lightweight, durable and Flexible. These features allow it to provide a natural look that hides in the shirt collar while naturally moving and flexing with your head and neck movements.

Complete Shirt Collar Support Solution for the Perfect Shirt Collar

We provide the Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support System in a Bundle Pack that contains two Slick Collar devices and two pairs of premium Collar Stays. The Slick Collars are adjustable to fit all shirt collar sizes and shirt collar styles, and one of them is a slimmer version that is perfect for thinner profile collars, polo shirts, and women’s shirts and blouses.

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To wrap things up…

Here’s our Recommended Steps for having the Perfect Shirt Collar Look:

Step 1: Iron your shirt collar after a wash. (Seems pretty obvious, but we thought we should include it for good measure).

Step 2: When ironing your shirt, fold the shirt collar into its proper position that gives the best shirt collar look.

Step 3: When hanging your shirt (especially dress shirts), leave the top 1 or 2 buttons undone.

Step 4: For dress shirts, make sure you use quality collar stays. They can be metal collar stays or plastic, but make sure they are strong enough to keep the tips of your shirt collar pointing straight.

Step 5: Depending on the shirt collar size and style, use either the Slick Collar or Slick Collar Slim, and adjust it so that when worn, the bottom legs of the Slick Collar sit on your shoulders.

Step 6: Flip your shirt collar up and place the adjusted Slick Collar around the back of your neck. Grab the Slick Collar tips and adjust its position so it sits perfectly around your collar. Depending on your shirt collar style, the tips of the Slick Collar do not have to come all the way forward to the edge of your shirt collar. We usually recommend leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap there.

Step 7: Flip your shirt collar down and over the Slick Collar, and voilà, you have the perfect shirt collar look.

Step 8: Enjoy your day and night out without having to constantly worry about playing with your shirt collar to make it stand up.

Learn more about tips and tricks of using the Slick Collar to improve your shirt collar look.